Try Cycle Therapy 

Try Cycle Therapy

About Us

Welcome!!  Try Cycle Therapy was founded during the Covid-19 pandemic.  Our bicycles let us escape the worry, fear and stress that the lockdown least for a little while each day.  

In Jeff's younger years,  he was very involved in the bicycle industry, now in his 50's he had a renewed interest.  My name is Diane, also in my 50's, and Jeff convinced me to get on a bicycle after not cycling for at least 30 years!!!  I had forgotten how much fun it was and we started researching ideas of how to share the experience with you.

We put our heads together and felt that an e-Trike would be the most user friendly, easy to learn and so much fun to tour around our beautiful province of Ontario.  Months of research went into choosing the right company to purchase our fleet from and are very comfortable with our decision to use Volt Bike Trios.   Safety and ease of use were top priority for us and the Trios checked all the boxes.

The province of Ontario offers such a wide variety of places to see and experiences to enjoy.  We have had such a great time planning tours and meeting the wonderful vendors that we plan to offer you starting Spring 2022.  Because Ontario has so much to offer, we did not want to be stuck in one area.  Our fleet of e-trikes travel in an enclosed trailer so we can offer many different types of experiences.  Everyday will open up a entirely new adventure.

If you have a specific experience you would like to try or a private event that you think our e-trikes would be fun to include, please reach out to us.  We are always excited about new options.

We can't wait to meet new people and share our renewed love of cycling in our beautiful province.